Copper Mountain Technologies is a manufacturer of RF and microwave network components and measurement tools. CMT represents the Planar line of virtual vector network analyzers from 100 kHz to 8 GHz, offering solutions for a variety of RF/MW lab and production applications.

High standards are standard at Copper Mountain Technologies. Our vector network analyzers offer lab quality test and measurement at an excellent price-performance ratio,  high accuracy, wide dynamic range, a familiar UI and a broad variety of standard and customizable features in frequency ranges up to 8 GHz. 

About the PC-Driven Format

VNAs separate the measurement module from the processing module, bringing the measurement results to any external PC via software UI. The user can take advantage of the processing power, bigger display, and more reliable performance of an external PC, while simplifying maintenance of the analyzer. Virtual VNAs, can be easily adapted to multiple users, and fit equally well into lab, production, field, and secure testing environments.

The parameters of a PC-driven VNA test setup and test results are always stored on an external computer, so there is no need for hard drive purging or removal in order to move the VNA from a secure area. The analyzer can be easily and independently shared between multiple users and different locations. The box can be disconnected from one test setup and moved to another workstation or facility.

A much lower price point, smaller footprint, light weight, and operation from any external PC make CMT VNAs very attractive and accessible to both development labs and production environments.  This mass introduction of VNAs to production enables RF and microwave equipment engineers and technicians to significantly improve their design and production processes.

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