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The Cyril Bath Company was established in 1918, and we continue to maintain world-class leadership in the research and development, design and manufacture of all types of stretch forming equipment, used throughout a variety of industries around the world.  Our primary focus is in the aerospace industry, offering custom solutions to commercial and business aircraft companies, as well as manufacturers of turbine engines.

The Cyril Bath Company designs and builds a variety of special hydraulic presses to meet unique stretch forming requirements.  Our stretch forming systems have been provided in aerospace part-making applications for leading commercial air plane makers, as well as the private aircraft builders. 

After-market support service is of vital importance to our customers.  We fully support all of our metal forming systems on a global basis, in a timely manner, with a competent technical staff.  Our customers recognize the Cyril Bath Company as the world leader in light metals stretch forming technology.  Military aircraft have special metal forming needs sometimes quite different from commercial applications.  The Cyril Bath Company is highly regarded by all military repair facilities, in addition to the builders of military aircraft. 

Recent research and development efforts have resulted in a new, easy to use machine control system, new machine kinematics, advanced soft­ware offerings that facilitate die design and process control based upon the customer's material and shape requirements.  Quick change jaw bodies and die table systems, along with simulation software, significantly reduces part program development time.  All of our research and development activity is based on customer input; therefore, we address the real manufacturing needs of our customers, creating value by continual improvement of their productivity and part-making quality.

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