Wiring analyzers for proven cable
and harness testing solutions.

DIT-MCO International's proven automated product testing solutions for wired assemblies provide reliable service to industrial, commercial, and military customers. More than just cable and harness testing equipment, their wiring analyzers verify continuity, insulation/resistance, hipot and even perform functional testing of relay chassis, control panels and other assemblies with components. Combined with unequaled customer service, DIT-MCO offers the industry's leading automated solutions.

DIT-MCO International Corporation
DIT-MCO International Corporation

Wiring Analyzers

The modular design of DIT-MCO’s automated wiring analyzers offers you customization at the price of an off-the-shelf system. Your test application determines the test and measurement accuracies needed, switching type, size, portability, and throughput.
Each system comes complete with the capability to perform:

  • Circuit continuity tests for open circuits
  • Insulation resistance verification for short circuits
  • Dielectric breakdown (hipot) tests
  • Resistor tests
  • Relay tests
  • Diode tests
  • Capacitor tests
  • Switch and circuit breaker tests

DIT-MCO International Corporation

Testing Software

Testing high voltage cables, harnesses, and other complex wired assemblies is a process.

DIT-MCO International’s range of software applications guides you through this process. You’ll find the tools you need to import your engineering data, run a multitude of tests, generate an error report, provide graphical representations of failures, and much more. It comes ready to work on a dedicated or networked workstation. With its array of test options and programmable ranges, you are guaranteed to have the tests you need even when your test requirements change. Quite simply, DIT-MCO’s software delivers from start to finish.

DIT-MCO International Corporation


Maximize Your Investment
Take full advantage of your DIT-MCO test system.

Understanding the complete capabilities of your test system increases productivity. Learn how to use your wiring analyzer as a tool for meeting today’s stringent quality standards. DIT-MCO's instructors have the knowledge and field experience to help you get the most from your test system.

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