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DEKKER's talented management team, leveraging more than 50 years of experience in the vacuum pump industry, delivers the highest level of service. With technical expertise from a hard-working, dedicated support staff providing quality pumps and systems, Dekker Vacuum Technologies offers the best solution for your specific application.

Dekker's unique solutions based approach ensures our customers receive the best product solution for their application.

  • TiTAN series single-stage and two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • TiTAN-C liquid ring compressors
  • DuraVane lubricated, oil-free (dry) and high vacuum rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Vmax oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems, refined and manufactured by the same people who pioneered the concept in the early 80's
  • AquaSeal water-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems
  • ChemSeal liquid ring vacuum pump systems for solvent recovery and chemical applications
  • DuraVane rotary vane vacuum pump systems
  • Custom-engineered systems for demanding applications

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