Dewetron Inc. is both the North and South American sales/support office of the Austrian-based Dewetron, AND a Dewetron manufacturing center. We build the D series of Dewetron products right here in our USA facility. We maintain a full calibration lab here which supports all Dewetron products, based on Fluke's hardware calibration and MET/CAL software system.

Dewetron, Inc. invented the SideHAND® battery power system that makes many of our products so convenient to use in mobile applications. This power system is built into nearly every portable that Dewetron offers, including the DEWE-2600, DEWE-570 series, DEWE-500 series, and others. We are proud of our American and Austrian innovations and award-winning designs. Dewetron instruments have won the NASA Tech Briefs Product of the Year a record-setting FOUR TIMES. 

But what really sets Dewetron apart is our ability to record multiple signal types and domains simultaneously and synchronously. For example, you can connect VIDEO cameras ... CAN BUS interfaces ... ARINC and 1553 BUS data ... PCM data ... GPS sensors ... all to the same Dewetron instrument and record everything at once, in one system. And in terms of the analog inputs, we can record time history data, frequency based data, and angle-based data -- all at the same time, PLUS the other interfaces mentioned above. Don't even try that with any other brand.

From world-class data acquisition instruments, to the incredible components that bring them to life, and ruggedized industrial computers, Dewetron occupies a unique position in the world of data acquisition today.

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