ECON Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of vibration test products, measurement systems, industrial measurement instruments. They have a pioneering and innovative R&D team and manufacturing facility located in Hangzhou, China.

ECON Technologies is also a comprehensive solution provider in environmental reliability test, measurement, analysis, and industrial control. They have customers from the automotive, aerospace/aviation, vessel, electronics, and computer industries, as well as research institutes and universities. Today, more than 2,000 products are installed and in operation worldwide.

Product Range
ECON TechnologiesECON provides solutions for Quality & Reliability Assurance, Vibration/Shock Test, Data Acquisition and Logging, NVH, Structural Modal test, Rotating Machine Diagnostics, Acoustics Analysis, as well as Industrial Monitoring and Control.

  • AVANT Measurement Instrument Products
  • UCON Vibration Test Products
  • PREMAX Large Scale Measurement & Test Solution

Philosophy and Value
ECON builds their success and reputation based on high quality, performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency, through technical innovations. These values are ECON's business foundation and objective that they continue to focus on.

The Future Together
ECON appreciates their customers’ requirements. At ECON, they are aware of the challenges in test and measurement applications from field to lab in the 21th century, and they are ready to achieve success with you.

ECON Technologies ECON Technologies ECON Technologies ECON Technologies

ECON converts customer requirements into future product features through continuous innovation.

Specialized and prospective design assures quality and performance of ECON's products.

Manufacture and Test
All products manufacturing and test are carried out under strict criteria.

Instant response and service to satisfy customers.

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