Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE:EMN) is a global company whose products touch the lives of people around the world every day. Headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee, U.S.A., Eastman manufactures and markets more than 1,200 chemicals, fibers and plastics products.

While Eastman's products are not household words, they are used in thousands of consumer products. The company is the world's largest supplier of polyester plastics for packaging; a leading supplier of coatings raw materials, specialty chemicals and plastics; and a major supplier of cellulose acetate fibers and basic chemicals. Eastman is one of the top 10 global suppliers of custom-manufactured fine chemicals for pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals and other markets.

Eastman supplies billions of pounds of chemicals, fibers and plastics to customers around the world for use in thousands of consumer products. Eastman products keep paints and coatings from cracking and extend the shelf life of foods. They contribute to the manufacture of safer medical equipment, film for smaller electronics devices and more efficient circuit boards for computers. They retard mold in animal feed and go into plasticizers that enable garden hoses to bend.

  • Polymers
  • Chemicals
  • Specialty Plastics
Eastman is a world leader in the efficient, low-cost manufacture of basic chemicals for artificial sweeteners, pain medication, bleach activators in laundry detergent, safety glass, wallpaper, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, medical devices, vinyl flooring, acrylic paints, plasticizers in disposable gloves and toys, and countless other consumer products.

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