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There's no other answer to your Power Quality and Protection problems except Emerson Network Power Surge Protection. We're the best in the power filtering and surge suppression industry. No other company can match the breadth of product offerings, engineering, testing capabilities, technical expertise, and customer service. Our products and people make the difference. We continue to be on the cutting edge in developing some of the most advanced technology in power filters, lightning protection and surge suppression today. Our engineering is second to none as are our product testing procedures, testing product capabilities in our own state-of-the-art R & D lab, using the most stringent standards in place today.

In a nanosecond, power surges, spikes and transients can compromise the quality of broadcasts, or worse, knock them off the air. Don’t allow ‘Dirty Power’ to put your Transmitters and Studio Equipment at risk. Safeguard broadcast operations from ‘Dead Air’ occurrences. Turn to Emerson Network Power Surge Protection products for peace of mind.

Today’s advanced commercial/residential Fire and Burglar Alarm systems are more sophisticated than ever before. Transients can disrupt, disable and ruin mission-critical Communications equipment, CCTVs and Access Controls. It’s why companies turn to Emerson Network Power Surge Protection to protect sensitive equipment from excessive maintenance costs, damage and costly downtime.

For Grid to Chip protection... Facility Managers, Engineers, and System Integrators trust Emerson Network Power Surge Protection products to protect critical equipment like... Control Panels, Distribution/Branch Panels, Service Entrance, PLCs, Motor Control Centers, Instrumentation, and Data/Signal equipment.

Home Electronics and Appliances can be just as expensive as the electronics found in a business office environment. They also incur the same power surges traveling from the Service Entrance through the electrical wiring, which powers the equipment. Half of household power surges are created when appliances with large motors (air conditioners, refrigerators, furnaces, washing machines, etc.) turn on and off. Like businesses, homeowners should rely on power quality solutions from Emerson Network Power to protect their investments from damage and destruction.

Power surges, spikes and transients can originate from outside a building into the Service Entrance or they can be generated from inside, compromising or totally disrupting Telephone/Data and Signal communications, costing thousands in repairs and lost productivity. The stakes, even Public Safety are far too high to place trust in anything but the best — Emerson Network Power Surge Protection products.

Whether it’s Highway/Traffic Lighting, traffic signals, Signal Protection, controller cabinets, Video cameras, Communications, Vehicle Loop Detection systems, rest assured, Emerson Network Power surge protection products deliver the mission-critical protection you need to keep all your sensitive equipment operating as expected.

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Emerson Network Power - Surge Protection

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