Leach International, a subsidiary of Esterline Corporation, was founded in 1919 and designs and manufactures a broad range of high-reliability power switching and control components and equipment for aerospace, rail, and high-end industrial applications.  Leach specializes in combining its leading-edge components with unique design and manufacturing capabilities to provide custom AC/DC power distribution assemblies such as primary and secondary power distribution assemblies, relay and central warning panels, GFI units, thrust reverser control units, ELCUs and smart contactors, integrated assemblies, windshield anti-ice controllers and weapon release boxes.

Products includeEsterline Power Systems / Leach International:

  • MIL and CECC qualified subminiature relays, GFI relays and time delays
  • AC/DC contactors including ELCUs, 270Vdc high voltage contactors and smart contactors
  • Solid state power controllers and related assemblies
  • Illuminated panels, indicators and keyboards
  • AC/DC primary and secondary power distribution assemblies, panels and relay boxes
Esterline Power Systems / Leach International
Esterline Power Systems / Leach International

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