Exergen Corp.

Exergen is a world leading manufacturer of infrared temperature sensors, which are used to measure moving objects and actual “product” temperature, without making contact and damaging or contaminating your product.

Exergen holds the patent to the world’s only self powered infrared temperature sensor (The IRt/c™, Infrared Thermocouple) and they offer 300 models of sensors (including powered with full scale linearization, the SmartIRt/c).


Exergen Corp.  



Exergen Corp.



The self powered IRt/c has advantages such as reliability, true t/c output (over certain ranges), hermetically sealed, small size, and intrinsically safe. The powered SmartIRt/c has advantages with no impedance or leakage current issues, it is plug and play, with analog output that’s fully linear over wide temperature ranges, with true precise accuracy.

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