Leading North American manufacturer of Removable Insulation Blankets and Permanent Insulation
Products for engines, exhaust components, and industrial applications.


Removable Insulation Blankets

Firwin Corp. - Removable Blankets

Firwin designs and manufactures removable blankets taking into consideration the end use and operating conditions under which they will be used. They select the most suitable materials, given the environmental, wear, heat demands and economic considerations of the installation. All Firwin removable blankets are designed to be retrofitted, and fasten for easy installation and removal. Their blankets provide exceptional heat and noise control at temperatures up to 2000ºF (1100ºC).

Hard Coat Insulation

Firwin Corp. - Hard Coat Insulation

Firwin HC Hard Coat insulation is an alternative to removable insulation blankets. Made of a high heat-resistant composite material, Firwin HC is applied to the engine or exhaust part at the company’s facility. Firwin HC is ideal in limited space applications were removable insulation is not required.

Tapes and Sleeves

Firwin Corp. - Tapes and Sleeves

Where blankets are not suitable, Firwin offers a wide selection of high temperature tapes and sleeves:

Spiral Hose Wraps

Firwin Corp. - Complementary Products

For wrapping and bundling of hoses & lines, Firwin offers a complete line of Spiral Hose Wraps.

Spray Shields

Firwin Corp. - Complementary Products

Firwin spray shields are custom manufactured to provide spray and leak containment from accidental gasket rupture in piping systems conveying corrosive fluids, or fluids under high pressure.

  Firwin Corp.

Industries Served

Firwin Corp. Power Generation
Firwin manufactures insulation blankets for engine exhaust manifolds, turbo’s, heat shields, exhaust piping, flexes, bellows, purifier and silencer systems.

Firwin Corp.

On Highway

Firwin manufactures removable insulation blankets for a variety of on-highway vehicles. Insulation blankets are specially designed to fit around manifolds, turbochargers, elbows, pipe sections, flexes and fittings.

Firwin Corp.


FIRWIN has been supplying insulation blankets of all kinds to the Mining industry for many years both for OEM and individual Mine needs.

Firwin Corp.


To reduce engine compartment ambient temperatures, to maximize engine efficiency, reduce heat build up inside vehicles, improve heat signature, protect heat sensitive equipment and controls.

Firwin Corp.


Heat loss from engine exhausts, piping, silencers, steam piping systems, etc can be dramatically reduced with insulation.

Firwin Corp.


Firwin manufactures removable and reusable insulation blankets for engine powered equipment, generators and co-gen power systems.

Firwin Corp.

Construction/Off Highway

Custom designed blanketFirwin Corp.s can be supplied for Construction and other off highway equipment/vehicles.

Firwin Corp.


Combine Harvesters, Hay Balers, etc; protect your valuable machinery from fire.

Firwin Corp.


Firwin regularly supplies blankets for feller-bunchers made by Timberjack, Blount, John Deere and Riseley Equipment used in the forestry industry.

Firwin Corp.


Firwin custom manufactures Extrusion and Injection Moulding removable insulation blankets for Injection Moulder Barrel Heaters, Preheat Covers, and Service Throw Insulation Covers.

Firwin Corp.


Removable blankets with quick release fastening systems on HEP engines and drive engines protect the driver from burns in closed Coach Locomotive Equipment – and allow for quick turn around maintenance.

Firwin Corp.


Removable/Reusable blankets are used on those parts of the hot and cold piping on process and steam lines where Maintenance and Inspection accessibility is necessary which the permanent insulators leave open and become the source of major energy loss.

Firwin Corp.


Perhaps there is a heat problem that you may have that a removable insulation blanket or shield may help to resolve. Custom solutions for special situations are part of Firwin's on-going research and development program.

Diesel and Gas Engines

Engine Components

Firwin Corp. - Engine Components

Firwin offers an extensive range of insulation solutions for engines. Their insulation products are installed on engine manifolds, turbo chargers, and outlet elbows. Firwin has an extensive library of tested patterns for a wide range of Engine Manufacturers and Models.

Exhaust Piping

Firwin Corp. - Exhaust Piping

Firwin insulation blankets are specially designed for exhaust piping/elbows allowing for hangers/ brackets, flanges, clamps etc. Firwin also makes special blankets for flex connectors, bellows and expansion joints. The insulation materials used allows for contraction, expansion and vibration.


Firwin Corp. - Silencers

Firwin makes blankets for silencers and purifiers of all sizes. Depending on safety requirements these blankets can be up to 4" thick. All of their blankets can be manufactured to allow for hangers/brackets/supports, and side or end inlet/outlet piping.


Firwin Corp. - Purifiers/SCRs

Insulation blankets on Purifiers and Catalytic converters contain heat flow from the housing which:

• Brings the catalyst up to its effective operating temperature much faster,
• Ensures that the catalyst is kept at the highest operating temperature possible given the exhaust flow temperatures of the exhaust system,
• Gives personnel protection against burns for technicians working on an operating piece of equipment.

Sound Attenuation

Firwin Corp. - Sound Attenuation

Firwin can supply special sound insulation products. These products are made from foam composites, rock-wool panels and fiberglass with sound membranes, designed to limit equipment noise to acceptable levels. Once Firwin understands your needs they will recommend the materials best suited to maximize the noise reduction in your work place.

Industrial Process Equipment

Firwin Corp. - Industrial Process Equipment

Specifically designed for applications that require maintenance and inspection. Firwin removable insulation blankets can be removed and re-installed in minutes, even with inexperienced personnel. As it is reusable there is no need for new insulation after every maintenance or inspection check.


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