Flir Commercial SystemsFlir Commercial Systems has been providing innovative instruments for test and measurement professionals since 1971. Many of these products were the first to incorporate unique features with the result that Flir Commercial Systems' meters have the reputation for providing more features, functions, and value while maintaining accuracy and reliability.

Over the years, Flir Commercial Systems has expanded its instrument offerings to over 26 major product lines including multimeters, clamp-ons, power meters, power supplies, resistance testers, thermometers, humidity meters, airflow meters, light meters, sound meters, calibrators, tachometers, printers and laboratory instruments. Many of these instruments have datalogging capability.

Flir Commercial Systems is now certified to the new ISO9001:2000 standard. Their Quality System includes greater emphasis on Quality System Management, and expanded programs for continuous organizational improvement and monitoring customer satisfaction.

 RH101 LaserFlir Commercial Systems' products include:

  • Airflow Meters
  • Clamp-on Meters
  • Gas Analyzer/Tester
  • Humidity Meters
  • Lab Instruments
  • Light Meters
  • MultiMeters
  • Power Supplies
  • Sound Meters
  • Stopwatches/Timers/Clocks
  • Tachomometers/Stroboscopes
  • Thermometers
  • Water Quality Instruments

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