Fox Electronics, Inc.
Fox Electronics, Inc.
Fox Electronics, Inc.For over 30 years Fox has helped engineers worldwide meet their toughest frequency control needs. They do it with the world's broadest line of crystals, fixed and configurable oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, and ultimate technical support capabilities. From overnight off-the-shelf to custom Oscillators manufacturing,
Fox Rocks your frequency control world... throughout the world!
Fox Electronics, Inc.
  • Worldwide leader in frequency control solutions, specializing in standard and custom Crystals, Oscillators, VCXOs, and TCXOs
  • Broadest Product Line in the Industry
  • Vertically integrated with their own Patented custom ASIC Development
  • Over 30 Years of Global experience, with office location in North America, Europe, China, and Japan
  • XpressO...Low Noise, Low Cost XOs and VCXOs available from 750 kHz to 1.3 GHz with a 1 week lead time

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