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Fredericks Company

Fredericks Company
Fredericks Company
CC10 Wide Range
Vacuum Gauge
Fredericks Company
Dual Axis +/- 60°
Tilt Sensor Assembly
Fredericks Company
MM200 Full
Measurement Range
Vacuum Instrument
Fredericks Company
TrueTILT™ Narrow Angle
and Wide Angle Tilt Sensors

Fredericks Company - Televac is the leading ISO9001-2008 designer and manufacturer of precision tilt sensors, vacuum measurement devices and precision custom glass components that serve as critical operating components in their finished product or process. Our vast knowledge of angle and vacuum measurement and advanced technical glass design and manufacturing techniques, across a wide range of markets and application areas, readily enables us to provide the insight and support needed to take design concepts to reality in a cost-effective manner.

Tilt Sensors & Inclinometers
An industry leader in design & development of tilt measurement systems, our tilt sensors are the hallmark of accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. Products include TrueTILT™ metal & glass, single and dual axis, electrolytic tilt sensors, inclinometers, inclination sensors signal conditioning electronics, packaged tilt sensing assemblies, tilt switches, and on/off switchesFredericks Company.

Vacuum Measurement & Control
Designed to cover the entire practical measurement range from 10-11 to 10+3 Torr, we offer high quality, vacuum measurement and control instrumentation to meet a wide range of industrial, high-tech, scientific, and military applications.

Custom Glass Capabilities
Our custom glass capabilities are a direct result of innovative manufacturing processes that integrate automatic, semi-automatic and manual assembly techniques. Our products include glass ampules, vials, flares, tubulations, graded seals, glass-to-metal seals, custom components for electron devices, inclinometers, elapsed time indicators, and any other custom glass components.

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