GP:50 utilizes state of the art manufacturing facilities to provide pressure instrumentation for the plastics industry as well as several other markets.

The ability to customize products gives GP:50 a distinct edge in allowing customers the product flexibility they require.

As a US based manufacturer, GP:50 is consistently recognized for high quality pressure instrumentation and exceptional customer service.

Melt Pressure / High Temperature Transducers Oil & Gas Pressure Transmitters
Click here for Melt Pressure Products High temperature transducers and transmitters designed for the plastics and solar industries. Utilized for fracking, cementing, acidizing, pipeline, sub sea, BOP, coil tubing and other upstream applications. Click here for Oil and Gas Products
Aerospace Rated Pressure & Temperature Transducers Accessories
Click here for Aerospace products Transducers rated for aerospace as well as all military applications. High reliability, rad-hardened & cryogenic ratings available. Panel meters, mounting brackets, & accessories to round out your product needs. Click here for Accessories

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An Explanation of GP:50 Performance Specifications (Pressure Sensing) The performance specifications of GP:50 pressure transducers are typically identified on the sales literature or datasheet for the particular model type. Performance specifications include items such... (View Full Article)
Calibration or Verification of a GP:50 Pressure Transmitter (Temperature Sensing) The procedure below is a generic procedure for calibrating or verifying a pressure transmitter's accuracy. (View Full Article)