Hogen Industries, Inc.Hogen Industries has been in the business of providing stable, high-quality tungsten-based metals for over 46 years. Tungsten alloys and copper and silver composites are their specialties, and they have a stellar reputation as a reliable supplier to companies worldwide.

Hogen Industries has strong alliances with their Tungsten powder sources, so their supply line is strong. They are willing to handle short production runs as well as the long production runs. They value their customers and strive to exceed their expectations.

Tungsten heavy alloys are used for radiation shielding in both medical equipment and oil well drilling; as weights and counterbalances; for boring bars and grinding quills; as tooling for the diecast industry; and as weights for darts.

Tungsten alloy product lines:

Tungsten composite product lines:

  • HD Typical Properties
  • Chatter Free™
  • Super Chatter Free™
  • Diemitech™
  • Composites Typical Properties
  • Duralloy
  • Durakut
  • Copper/Tungsten
  • Silver/Tungsten
  • Copper/Tungsten Carbide
  • Copper Alloy/Tungsten Carbide
Not only does Hogen Industries work hard to supply your needs for Tungsten alloys and Tungsten composites, they have a large inventory in stock. It is their commitment to provide the highest caliber total quality customer service available in today’s heavy metals marketplace. Call or email them to find out what they can serve your requirements.

Hogen Industries, Inc.

Quality Objectives:

  • Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Product Value
  • Measure Productivity
  • Measure Financial Performance
Hogen Industries, Inc.

Hogen Industries is RoHS compliant. All their materials meet the requirements of RoHS 2005.

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