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Hydro Dynamics, Inc.


Hydro Dynamics, Inc.

Solving Customer Problems with Advanced Technology

Hydro Dynamics, Inc.Hydro Dynamics has developed a patented, proprietary technology providing breakthrough benefits for process intensification and/or scale-free heating of fluids. Process intensification is the microscopic mixing of dissimilar fluids or gasses to increase mass transfer. The Company’s product, the ShockWave Power™ Reactor (SPR) utilizes controlled cavitation” to solve critical problems for customers in numerous industries. ShockWave Power™ represents a paradigm shift for industry and is truly a next generation technology that allows customers to realize significant cost savings through reduced raw materials costs, improved efficiencies, lower capital expenditures, decreased maintenance costs, reduced waste and improved environmental impact. The Company, founded in 1991, is headquartered in Rome, Georgia.


As a liquid passes through the SPR it is subjected to “controlled cavitation”. The heart of the device is a specially designed rotor that spins. The spinning action generates hydrodynamic cavitation in the rotor cavities away from the metal surfaces. The cavitation is controlled and therefore there is no damage. As microscopic cavitation bubbles are produced and collapse, shockwaves are given off into the liquid which can heat and/or mix.

Hydro Dynamics, Inc.The SPR technology represents a new and innovative way to apply energy to liquids. The technology has two distinct capabilities:

  • Scale-Free Heating
  • Mixing (Increased Mass Transfer)
    • Gas-Liquid
    • Liquid-Liquid
    • Liquid-Solid

While varying by application, one or more of these significant benefits will be realized through the use of an SPR over conventional technologies:

  • Process intensification and acceleration
  • Improved process efficiencies (in time, operating costs, and/or capital costs)
  • Improved product quality, yield and/or raw material savings
  • Elimination or reduction of process downtime from maintenance requirements
  • More effective and efficient mixing and increase transfer rate
  • Low power mixing for most all applications

See the Action of Cavitation in Hydro Dynamics' Clear Demo Unit

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