I.CH MOTION specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing and servicing electric motors in China. With the professionalism of their highly trained and qualified mechanical engineers, electronic engineers and marketing consultants. I.CH MOTION is able to provide product design and integration services to their customers in the world market.

I.CH supplies a complete range of electrical/electronic motors including AC motors, AC gear motors, DC motors, DC gear motors (spur gearboxes and planetary gearboxes), stepper and stepping motors, worm geared motors, synchronous motors, brushless motors, servo motors, brake motors, sealed motors, hollow shaft motors, harmonic drivers, linear stepper motors and other auxiliary electronic motor controls.

I.CH has established an electrical consortium with small sized electric motor manufacturers working as an exclusive exporter and world-wide sourcing agent of small electrical motors. These premium quality products are widely used in industrial automation, commercial and domestic automation.

I.CH is also a distributor of industry machines which include mini combination machines(3-in-1 machine), vertical milling-drilling machines, lathe machines and surface grinders. Through a good relationship with machine suppliers and motor factory suppliers, I.CH uses these machines to produce high quality motors, which I. CH. has gained a reputation for from their distributors and users all over the world.

I.CH welcomes you to review all of their product range. They are also proud to accept special design requirements from customers. Should you have questions about their product range, please contact I.CH's Sales Department.

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