The Leading Source for Buying & Selling Electronic Components
IC Source was formed in 1996 as one of the first companies to serve the unique needs of electronic components brokers. IC Source takes communication between brokers to the next level. We are the only source that can promise instant inventory updates in a secure environment. A reputation for reliability and real value keep us in the lead.

Our mission is simple:
We are committed to providing the most thoroughly developed solutions, in the most cost effective manner, so that our members will have the tools and data they need to broker their best deals.

Through excellent, long-term relationships with our customers, we understand the complexities of brokering parts. Back in the days when inventory data on disks was obsolete before it was postmarked, IC Source founder Peter Moran was focused on the need to pinpoint reliable data quickly. By the time the global business world was dipping its toes into the internet, IC Source was born.

We continually expand and improve our services in response to our members, a roster of over 3,000 and growing daily. Our database lists over 40 million line items that you search and sort based on your own criteria.

IC Source's comprehensive services are designed to maximize your most important resource – time. We can help to streamline your business systems and make each transaction more effective. Join today and realize the benefits of membership with the best in the business.

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