INC Technical Incorporated

INC Technical was established in the Midwest shortly after the turn of the millennia while acquiring several key business units and the assets of a meters and control firm serving the region since 1989. INC Technical's principals, its acquired units, vendors, and employees have been serving in the water, wastewater and industrial arena since the late 1960's. Many new technologies and product lines have been added to the company to provide first class customer care and technologically advanced solutions.

Catering to the Customer First

INC Technical offers a vast array of capabilities within the industry due to their extensive corporate networking, industry experience and expertise. Within their business units and alliance are companies and vendors of all sizes. They have personally worked in large production facilities and water / wastewater treatment plants ranging from 40 GPM to over 200 MGD. When it comes to their business, they offer customers a powerful resource, family oriented customer service, and a recipe for success.

Future GoalINC Technical Incorporateds

  • INC Technical hopes to provide meaningful services and solutions to the communities and companies that support them.
  • They seek to enhance lives in their communities by helping to provide an abundant supply of high quality drinking water in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • They strive to assist the treatment process of water reclamation facilities while helping to reduce their environmental impact and economic burden.
  • They want to assist industry in their communities with their endeavors to increase productivity, comply with environmental regulations, and create jobs while supplying high quality products at competitive prices.
  • The company will constantly seek to improve their methods, capabilities, and technologies to enhance the processes and profits while reaching common goals with their customers.
  • INC Technical endeavors to provide information and knowledge networking to enhance the quality and reputation of the industry.

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