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Products Engineered By Thermographers For Thermographers

As a Level III thermographer Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS, Inc., brings his practical knowledge and field experience to the IRISS product lines, it is this end-user perspective that makes IRISS unique in the industry, it is their focus on this perspective that is reflected in their product designs and development.

IRISS's products are based on practical, real world experience that has been honed with input from clients, staff and through countless hours of personally architecting successful IR window programs for companies around the globe.

As manufacturers of the world’s first and only industrial-grade infrared windows, IRISS’ end-user-designed products are the culmination of more than 15 years experience using and designing infrared windows. IRISS products are the heart of efficient and safe work processes for infrared electrical surveys and thereby provide the means with which companies can reduce and eliminate risk to plant assets and personnel.

IRISS is making thermography safer and more accurate. By their very nature, IRISS products are simply “Safer by Design.”

Industrial-Grade Performance

The IRISS VPFR infrared windows are the most robust infrared window solution available; and they offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry: an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

The VPFR passes all relevant impact tests due to their patented design and industrial-grade materials, and they maintain stable transmission rates in typical industrial environments.

IRISS clients are using the VPFR extensively in:

  • Substations (indoor and outdoor)
  • MCC's
  • Motor Termination Boxes
  • Mining Applications
  • Oil Platforms
  • Refineries
  • Paper Mills
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Computer Data Centers
  • Aluminum Plants
  • Etc....
IRISS, Inc. - VPFR - Industrial-Grade Infrared Window
IRISS, Inc. - VP12 – Small Aperture IR WindowIRISS, Inc. - VP12 – Small Aperture IR Window
IRISS, Inc. - TPC – Transmissive Panel Covers
IRISS, Inc. - CAP – Custom Application Products