IUL,S.A. started business activities in 1987. Its goal and reason of being is to provide an easier, more comfortable, safe and reliable microbiological control for the industry, by providing the design and manufacturing of instrumentation for such purpose.

The strength of the company resides in bringing innovation into the classic microbiology. All of the IUL,S.A. designs contain an original and unique idea, that in most of the cases is a worldwide patent. These ideas are used to solve either a tedious or unsafe work, or a problem that required the use of an automatic apparatus.

IUL,S.A., unlike many of the other instrument manufacturers, does not select a technique, but a client profile: the microbiology technician. The instruments that IUL,S.A. designs and builds cover a wide range that goes from electromechanical apparatus to a state of the art software for plate reading, including high precision instruments for the measure of volumes and weights.

In the manufacturing department, not only many of the numerous essential parts are produced, but also strict quality control procedures are followed during the intermediate assembling stages, following the latest normative for the industry. All and every one of the instruments produced by IUL,S.A. go through a deep final checking and a record is created to keep track of possible incidences. The materials used for the manufacturing of the IUL products are the ones with best intrinsic quality and also the ones that respect the best the natural environment.

The design department is, without a doubt, the core of IUL,S.A. In it professionals from different specialties: mechanics, electronics, computer technologies and even personal dedicated only on the final look of the instrument, mutually interact during the designing process. This teamwork has the objective of bringing technological innovations through ergonomically designed instruments keeping all time the final user in mind. This department is constantly working with new ideas to create new and better products.

The IUL instruments are well known in Europe, its birthplace, but they are not only top sellers in the countries that configure the European Union, they are also top sellers in the U.S. as well as in Japan. The quality of production, the ideas that the IUL products incorporate and a reasonable pricing granted IUL a worldwide recognition. Nowadays there are more than 15,000 IUL users worldwide.

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