Inductotherm GroupInductotherm Group brings together over 40 companies working around the world and around the clock to serve the metals and materials industry. Independently, we are experts in our respective disciplines - from heat-treating equipment, to vacuum refining and welding systems, to melting and pouring systems.

Collectively, we combine our individual strengths, shared knowledge and international footprint to deliver unmatched innovations and unparalleled customer support. We have structured our organization to provide quick, prompt service at the local level, with manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Whenever you need us, wherever you need us, we’ll be there.

Melting and Refining Systems:

Inductotherm GroupInductotherm is the leading manufacturer in induction technology and designs advanced induction melting, heating, holding and pouring systems for virtually all metals. Offering a complete line of melting and holding systems, Inductotherm has built furnaces with capacities ranging from a few troy ounces to hundreds of tons and power supplies from 10 kW up to 42,000 kW! Our product line also encompasses a complete line of induction equipment for melting, heating, coating, galvanizing, and galvanealing on a continuous basis, primarily for the steel industry. Inductotherm GroupEMSCO, a manufacturer of high efficiency cooling systems, and a world leader in the repair of induction furnaces, coils, water cooled leads and associated systems, is committed to providing competitively priced, quality services with the fastest turn-around time in the industry.  

Heating and Heat-Treating Systems:

Inductotherm GroupThe application of heat is often key to many manufacturing processes, such as welding, cutting, bending, shaping, fitting, coating, and sealing - in fact, many metals require heating and/or heat treating to achieve their optimum physical properties. Inductoheat builds equipment to perform a variety of these thermal processing functions. Inductotherm GroupRadyne brings to the forefront the newest technology in medium and high frequency induction power sources to build systems for brazing and soldering in a controlled atmosphere or in air, heat treating processes such as annealing, hardening and tempering, wire and pipe heating, shrinkfit, crystal growing, curing and lab applications. Inductotherm GroupAlpha 1 manufactures and repairs induction coils, transformers, and water-cooled cables of all types, as well as billet elevator and rotary bar feeders, bin tippers, conveyors and billet extractors for the forging industry.  

Induction Welding Systems:

Inductotherm GroupThermatool delivers the pipe and tube industry quality HF welding and heat treating equipment, power supplies for inductively coupled plasmas, high speed cutting machines and the most technologically advanced engineered structural lines available today.  

Vacuum and Refining Systems:

Inductotherm GroupThe creating and casting of superalloys and many other advanced and reactive metals require sophisticated vacuum or controlled atmosphere melting and remelting systems. Consarc is the world leader in the manufacture of these technologically advanced systems and related materials. Inductotherm GroupPVT is a world class company dedicated to providing global markets with vacuum metallurgical melting, heating and other processing equipment.  

Cutting and Tooling Systems:

Inductotherm GroupSavage Saws designs, builds and services high performance saws. These high production saws cut tubes, plates, bars & billets or formed shapes of ferrous alloys, nonferrous alloys, or nonmetallics. Inductotherm GroupT&H Lemont is a leading supplier of tube and pipe mills, and roll tooling solutions for the tube, pipe and roll form industries. It is the preferred choice for reliable designs for equipment and tooling.
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