Extreme Vibration, Temperature, Corrosion

Locknuts to Reduce-Downtime and Streamline Production.

Lanfranco locknuts are the ideal choice for mining fasteners, transportation fasteners, nuclear fusion fasteners and a wide range of other applications. Whether you are working in the shop or the field, its one-piece assembly saves you time.

Lanfranco slotted locknuts have been depended on to perform under the most severe service conditions for 35yrs. Its all metal, single piece design is easy to install, is reusable and will not damage bolts. Also available from Lanfranco’s ISO 9001:2000 factory are:

  • Rivnuts and Clinch Nuts, self-locking and reusable
  • Nylon Insert Locknuts, certified Cl.8 and Cl.10 (Gr.5 and Gr.8)
  • Channel Nuts and Modular Fixtures (cage nuts)
  • Parts to Plan
J.Lanfranco Fastener Systems Inc.
LANFRANCO locking slots lock directly on thread flanks to eliminate all forms of loosening.
J.Lanfranco Fastener Systems Inc.

Since its inception, J.Lanfranco Fastener Systems has helped customers find solutions for their most important safety critical joints. In each case, the chosen product must not only perform the required task but add value to the customer's operation: Improved reliability, Security or Quicker Change Outs. By striving to meet the individual goals of its clients J.Lanfranco Fastener Systems has developed many new products and will continue to do so.

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