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Joyce/Dayton Corp.
Joyce/Dayton Corp.Joyce/Dayton Corp.Joyce/Dayton Corp.Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Joyce/Dayton Corp. is a premier manufacturer of Machine Screw Jacks, Ball Screw Jacks, Stainless Steel Jacks, Metric Jacks, ComDRIVE®  Motorized Actuators, Bevel Gear Jacks, Bevel Ball Actuators and Linear Actuators.

Joyce/Dayton Corp.Joyce/Dayton Corp.Joyce/Dayton Corp.Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Since 1873, Joyce/Dayton has provided equipment and engineering expertise for virtually every type of linear motion application. From individual screw jacks to complete systems, Joyce can tailor equipment to your special lifting, positioning or holding requirements. With an experienced staff, and ISO 9002 certification, Joyce can help you design arrangements and specify components down to the last detail – turning your ideas into working systems.

Joyce/Dayton's online interactive 3D modeling program uses simple pull-down menus to guide users through design options that include all existing jack configurations. Customers can rotate, zoom and pan the model to make it easy to visualize accurately how the product will work in their designs. 3D models and 2D drawings can be quickly downloaded in industry standard formats for all major mechanical CAD systems, including AutoCAD®, Mechanical Desktop® and Autodesk Inventor™. The models are immediately available for all Joyce/Dayton screw jacks and actuators. Visit them at

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