Pouring their soul into each and every product
Starting business as Kojima Seisaku-sho in 1949, KOFLOC has almost 60 years of experience in developing measurement and control technology for micro flow of fluids (liquids and gases). During this period, their technology has evolved from analog to digital and from mechanical to electronics. However, the most important roots of their achievement lie in their analog technology base. For example, KOFLOC meticulously polishes the molds that are used in finishing the interiors of tiny glass measuring pipes. This is done to micron levels of precision even if their hands become covered with oil. And they faithfully make products that are perfectly tailored to the specifications requested by customers. These skills and attention to detail, built up through a long period of hard work, are the pillars of KOFLOC's technological prowess. This is what gives them the confidence of their customers, who insist: "If it's microflow control, it must be KOFLOC!"

From now, KOFLOC will be undertaking new challenges as they move into the domain of super micro flow control at under 1 ml per minute. Continuing with their motto of "Only One Number One" they will strive to leverage their technological superiority to make the KOFLOC brand better known throughout the world. And they remain unswerving in their determination to join the ranks of the world's excellent companies.

Handing over a rich global environment to the next generation
In 2009, KOFLOC will celebrate its 60th anniversary. They have two main objectives approaching this important date. Firstly, they need to secure the talented personnel who will be the foundation of their position as an excellent global company. Secondly, they will strengthen the contribution they make to society as a whole.

Above all, the most important task facing mankind in the 21st century is KOFLOC's approach to the global environment. In 2005, KOFLOC announced its environmental mission, and in 2006, they received certification under ISO 14001, the global environmental management standard. KOFLOC now develops new products with the constant awareness of the need to save energy. The whole company is focused on reducing its environmental burden. Through the broad-ranging development of environmental measuring instruments and exploitation of next-generation energy technology, KOFLOC hopes to make their contribution to the preservation of their rich environmental heritage.


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