Lapp USA, Product Range Lapp USA, a member of the worldwide Lapp Group, offers a complete one-stop solution for power/signal cable and connector needs throughout automation markets. Lapp USA has a broad range of products, which includes OLFLEX® flexible, oil-resistant and continuous-flex cables, cable track, SILVYN® conduit and accessories, EPIC® multi-pin rectangular, circular and pin & sleeve connectors, SKINTOP® strain relief cord grips, remote access ports, and populated track assemblies. Lapp USA also provides custom cable designs for unique cable applications.

Lapp USA offers an extensive line of OLFLEX® cables which includes: flexible control, continuous flex, torsional, servo, high temperature, and field bus cables, all designed to withstand the rigors of the most demanding factory automation applications.

Lapp USA has the broadest range of multi-pin power and signal connectors in the market. EPIC® rectangular, circular and pin & sleeve connectors, and SKINTOP® Strain Relief ensure reliable performance in the most stringent applications in today’s industrial marketplace.

Lapp USA has an extensive network of partnered local, regional, and national distributors who are able to provide local stock and service support throughout the United States. Lapp USA has skilled manufacturer's representatives, knowledgeable field sales and application engineers, and accomplished regional sales managers who afford customers the utmost in product and application support.

Flexible and Continuous Flex Cable
Lapp USA offers the extensive line of OLFLEX® cables which include flexible control, continuous flex, torsional, servo, high temperature, and field bus cables, all designed to withstand the rigors of the most demanding factory automation applications. Also OLFLEX® fields the most extensive line of harmonized and CE complaint wire and cable products in the industry due to their long history of supporting the needs of European and other over sea industries. Combining this with a broad line of accessories, including strain relief connectors, cable carriers and clamps, Lapp USA provides its customers with complete wire and cable solutions.

Rectangular, Circular & Pin & Sleeve Connectors- UL/CSA Rated
EPIC® multi-pin power and signal connectors are the solution in applications where reliability, durability, and flexibility are the key requirements. They provide safe connection and disconnection of electrical power or signals within robust housings that are suitable for harsh industrial environments. Hoods and bases are available in NEMA 4/12 or IP 65. The line consists of the compact HA and HQ5 series, low voltage STA series, general purpose HBE series, high density HEE, high current HBS series, high voltage HBVE series, high density HD and HDD series, modular MC series, terminal block TB-H-BE series, and the high-density terminal block TB-H-D series connectors.

Lapp USA also offers a complete line of IP 67 rated power and signal circular connectors. Some typical applications include servo drives, motors, encoders, decoders, machine tool, measuring equipment, monitoring equipment, CNC machines, medical electronics, and portable or mobile equipment.

Lapp USA offers a brand new range of EPIC® Pin & Sleeve Connectors, which are designed to meet the power connectivity needs and safety requirements of North American industrial applications. EPIC® Pin & Sleeve Connectors conform to IEC 309-2; however, advanced industrial design has lead to a range of superior products which are in the forefront of technology. The EPIC® Pin & Sleeve product range is available in North American and International configurations. Both North American and International devices are available in splash proof (IP44) and watertight (IP67) models. All of the North American products are UL (UL1682 & UL1686) and CSA listed. All products comply with IEC60309 and carry the CE mark.

Strain Relief and Cable Glands
Lapp USA offers a wide range of plastic and metal strain relief connectors. Lapp USA offers the patented SKINTOP® line of liquid-tight, strain relief connectors designed for use with a wide range of cables in automated manufacturing systems. These connectors are available for both round and flat cables. They provide for cable strain relief, environmental sealing up to IP68, NEMA 6, and EMC protection for CE compliance. They present a high degree of resistance to the elements including water, fire, and corrosion protection from salt water, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvents. A broad selection of available accessories help these connectors meet a wide variety of application requirements for control panels, switch stations, junction boxes, submersible pumps, and machine tools.

EPIC® Remote Access Ports
These devices provide quick and easy access to control panel functions and internal connections while addressing safety and environmental concerns over "live" open control enclosures. They are sealed ports (windows) that provide IP65 (NEMA 4, 12) protection when closed, and serve as an input/output control interface when open. A large number of standard and custom configurations are available which can include: AC outlets, circuit breakers, phone jacks, DIN couplers, D-sub connectors, key lock switches, computer data storage devices (floppy disk, ZIP disk, CD-ROM etc.), and just about any customer component that can fit in the available port housings.

Custom Cable and Wire Harness Capability
Lapp USA's UL recognized cable assembly and harness facility is available as your outsource resource for custom fabrications that no longer make sense for you to continue to do in-house. Their engineers can help you design the most cost-effective assembly to meet your requirements. The final assembly is then delivered to your door, fully tested and ready to be installed. Some examples of their capabilities include servo and drive cables, wire harnesses, junction and control panels, cable track assemblies, switch and emergency stop boxes, and other customer specific fabrications.

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