MDD FIBER OPTIC LINK MITEQ, an acronym for (M)icrowave (I)nformation (T)ransmission (EQ)uipment, designs and manufactures a complete line of high-performance components and subsystems for the microwave electronics community. Located on Long Island, New York for more than thirty years, it has grown into a company which is dedicated to achieving technical excellence, producing quality products and satisfying their customer’s specific needs.

MITEQ's product lines are basically split between two market segments:

  • Microwave components and integrated assemblies
  • Satellite communications & earth station equipment

The Microwave Component Division offers designs up to and over 60 GHz, including:
  • Amplifier
  • Mixers
  • Frequency multipliers
  • Passive power components
  • Microwave control products
  • RF and IF signal processing components
  • Oscillators
  • Frequency synthesizers
  • Integrated multifunction assemblies
  • Fiber Optic products
  MITEQ’s Satellite Communication and Earth Station Equipment Groups manufacture the following:
  • Up/downconverters
  • Test translators
  • IF/video equalizers
  • Redundancy switchover units
  • Video modulators and modems
Specific products include synthesized converters with 1.0 kHz and 125 kHz frequency step sizes, INMARSAT L- and C-band converters, pilot generators and receivers, crystal controlled converters, video exciters, and custom designed products.

Although MITEQ offers one of the broadest lines of standard catalog items, the bulk of MITEQ’s business is in customized components, assemblies, and systems designed specifically around the customer’s needs. MITEQ’s heavy emphasis on internal R&D throughout its history has lead to the creation of a company with the ability to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the customer and market while at the same time offering competitive prices and fast turnaround times.

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