McLean®, a brand of Pentair Equipment Protection, offers cooling technology that helps create optimal conditions for the smooth operation of electronic and electrical components. Addressing manufacturing controls, telecom equipment, data networks and more, McLean applies 30 years of experience to meet your specific demands. From standard fan assemblies to air conditioners, heat exchangers to integrated and cooling enclosures for a variety of application, McLean helps to improve productivity and uptime to enable engineers to stay focused on their goals. The result is confidence from having reliable products and services.

About Pentair Equipment Protection

Pentair Equipment Protection, a division of Pentair, is the leading provider of worldwide product and service solutions for enclosing, protecting and cooling electrical and electronic systems. Its industry-leading brands—Hoffman®, Schroff®, McLean®—provide a broad variety of standard, modified and engineered solutions to the commercial, communications, energy, general electronics, industrial, infrastructure, medical and security and defense markets.

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