Micro Air manufactures a full line of industrial air cleaners, dust collectors, clean air booths, environmental booths, downdraft tables and commercial air cleaners. Let them show you how Micro Air can boost productivity, increase safety, and reduce maintenance costs.

Micro Air Products Include:

  • Industrial Air Cleaners
  • Dust Collectors
  • Portable Collectors
  • Source Capture Arms
  • Clean Air Booths (Environmental)
  • Downdraft tables
  • Commercial Air Cleaners

In 1969, Metal-Fab began producing Micro Air® clean air systems for Industrial and Commercial applications. Industrial air cleaners and dust collectors are used to capture and remove particulate such as welding smoke, grinding dust, pharmaceutical powders, plasma/laser smoke and fumes, odors and oil mist found in many industrial applications. Micro Air® exhauster arms are used for removing various pollutants at their source. From 50 to 100,000 CFM, they have a system that will meet your needs.

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