Midwest Industrial Coatings, LLC
Midwest Industrial Coatings, LLC
Midwest Industrial Coatings, LLC
Midwest Industrial Coatings, LLC
Midwest Industrial Coatings, LLC
Midwest Industrial Coatings, LLC provides abrasion, impact, chemical and corrosion resistance with tough, environmentally approved polyurethane linings from Rhino Linings®; and waterproof coatings using advanced seamless monolithic encapsulating systems from LIQUID BOOT®.

Whether your need to protect or seal an area internally or externally, locally, nationally or internationally, Midwest Industrial Coatings, LLC has the products and expertise to create a long term, cost effective solution.

The benefits of using sprayed-on coatings are:

  • Versatility of Application
  • Cost-Effective
  • Minimum Down-Time
  • Monolithic (no-seams)
  • Durability
  • 100% VOC Free
  • EPA approved

    Their industrial coatings and linings can be sprayed on virtually most surfaces to create a monolithic, resistant, impervious barrier. Most applicable uses include secondary containment of petroleum, harsh chemicals and waste, as well as abrasion, corrosion and noise prevention in manufacturing situations. When it comes to Brownfield and Methane Gas Membrane Technology, over 50 million square feet of LIQUID BOOT® have been installed under hospitals, schools, libraries, high-rise commercial and residential buildings and major public works projects throughout the United States.

    Clients of Midwest Industrial Coatings, LLC range from power companies, municipal and US government buildings, military bases and test facilities to correctional facilities, manufacturing, light and heavy industry. All of which had a critical need for protection, endurance and cost-effective application with a quick return to service time.

    To find out more, call (262) 524-8110 to speak to a Midwest Industrial Coatings specialist. They’ll be glad to provide you with the benefits and usefulness of their products and services to make a cost-effective long term solution an easy decision.

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