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Mills Products, Incorporated


Hydroforming Tubular Stamping Roll Forming

Mills Products is a turnkey metal fabricator with a reputation for producing lightweight, aesthetically-superior parts. Since 1945, major manufacturers have trusted us to make their components stronger, lighter and more economical.

Innovation drives us, so we place a high value on providing quality, cost effective services for our clients, without exception. We've built a reputation for producing aesthetically-superior parts and making new or existing components stronger, lighter and more economical. 

As a turnkey metal fabricator, we specialize in condensing multiple parts into single, lightweight rolled or formed parts. Our American and Mexican facilities offer hydroforming, tubular stamping, roll forming, assembly and finishing services - including machining, welding and powder coating.

A direct result of diverse component manufacturing capabilities, we can match each part with the optimal process. Successfully produced parts for major manufacturers include stainless steel handles, decorative trim, window assemblies and Tier-2 automotive components.