We are able to draw out unique qualities from our materials to enable customers to elevate their products to new levels of performance.

The product we manufacture help customers reduce their energy use and, by lasting longer, reduce waste. They are also key components in many forms of sustainable energy generation.

We design our products to enable our customers to maximize the efficiency of their applications and processes, helping them to achieve optimum results.

We ensure that our products perform reliably and consistently even in the most demanding environments, enabling our customers to use them with confidence in the most critical of applications where total reliability is vital.

About Us

Morgan Advanced Materials is an advanced materials technology company that provides highly engineered solutions to its chosen markets. We have a global presence with operations in more than 50 countries. From medical instruments, aerospace, power generation and satellite communications, to body armour, trains and fire protection systems, our products are fundamental components or enabling technologies for many of the modern world's sophisticated products.

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