National Photocolor Corporation is a manufacturer of off-the-shelf and custom pellicles. They offer a broad selection of pellicle beamsplitters, filters and windows for UV to IR applications. Many custom type coatings and specially sized mounts are available for shipment within days after receipt of an order. In addition to special pellicle membranes, frames and coatings they offer technical and prototype design assistance. As each application is different, they welcome your call, fax or email. They will help you design the right pellicle for your applicationNational Photocolor Corp..

Standard features:

  • Eliminates secondary (ghost) reflections.
  • Eliminates spherical and chromatic aberrations.
  • Eliminates beam displacement.
  • Eliminates refractive errors.

   Special features:

  • Sizes from 1/16" to 48" and larger, any shape.
  • Critical reflection flatness specifications met, often with better than one wave flatness.
  • For critical transmission applications; better than 1/10 wave and fractional fringe thickness uniformity.
  • Special coatings available: minimal and no loss, IR, dielectric and dichroic.
  • Absorbing type ND filters.
  • Shipment from stock with over 1,000 in inventory.
  • Quantity from prototypes to thousands with the best prices in the industry.

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