Thermal Solutons for Overheating Electronics

Noren Products Inc. has been solving thermal problems for over forty years. In that time we've designed and manufactured countless products for our clients that not only do the job, but exceeded all expectations.

Our heat pipe technology is second to none with more diversity and adaptability than any other in our industry. Noren Products heat exchangers are built with this same heat pipe technology, enabling the end user to remove waste heat from their electrical components within a sealed enclosure without allowing harmful contaminants to enter the panel.

Our products are applicable to a wide range of industries including Waste Water Treatment, Telecommunications and Radar, Injection Molding, Oil and Natural Gas, Food and Beverage, and many more.

One of the points that we are most proud of is our products are designed and manufactured in the United States by hard working men and women - for hard working men and women.

Standard Products

Noren Products, Inc. Noren Products, Inc. Noren Products, Inc.  
Compact Heat Exchangers
Noren's air-to-air and air- to-water heat exchangers remove heat from sealed electronic enclosures and panels without exposing the internal components to the harsh environment outside.
Thermal Pins
Since the 1970s, molders around the world have benefited from Noren Thermal Pins. Many have switched from water bubblers to Thermal Pins, reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.
HyTec Oil Coolers
HyTec Oil Coolers™ cooling elevator and escalator hydraulic oil reservoirs, maintaining optimal oil temperatures to prevent problems caused by overheated oil.

Custom Products

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