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 Hand held DayCor Luminar

DayCor® Lumina

Ofil develops designs, manufactures and markets a range of sensors and imaging systems using proprietary UV Band-pass DayCor® technology that allows detection of UV signals in full daylight.

Ofil aims at the predictive and preventive maintenance operations of high and medium voltage facilities. Products are classified as non-destructive and non-intrusive testing equipment, and renown as top quality, ergonomic, precise and professional. Ofil provides full customer support.

Clientele spans globally and includes major electric companies, leading high-voltage laboratories, services providers, mines, heavy industry and utilities.

DayCor® range includes:

  • DayCor® Luninar - Portable light weight camera with built-in interchangeable FOVs
  • DayCor® Superb – Hand held robust top sensitivity corona camera 
  • DayCor® Rom – Stabilized remarkable airborne inspection solution
  • DayCor® ROMpact – A compact airborne inspection system fit for UAV
  • DayCor® Ranger – Vehicle mounted remotely controlled inspection system
  • DayCor® Rail – Fully automatic corona chaser mounted on electrical locomotives
  • DayCor® UVollé – The compact and ultra light handy and ready corona camera

SBUV products:

  • Sensors - Tailor-made solutions to customers' special needs
  • Imaging systems - Systems with  embedded DayCor® technology customized to match customers blueprints on various platforms

About Ofil:

Established in 1993 in Israel as a start-up company funded by the chief Israeli scientist and supported by EPRI-USA research laboratories. Being a mature company, Ofil employs highly skilled and dedicated workforce that pursues ongoing R&D activities and accomplishes complex projects starting with blue prints through all stages of development up to prototyping, testing and mass production. Ofil keeps developing enhanced capabilities for the electrical industry, for trains, and for the petrochemical industries.

Marketing is conducted globally through a net of exclusive representatives in allocated geographical territories. Ofil holds a quality-management-system certificate ISO 9001:2008 and Certificate of Conformity (CE) with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, Article 7(1).

Ofil's Vision is to

  • Assist electric utilities maintain high reliability by providing reliable NDT – non destructive testing equipment
  • Bring innovative solutions to the growing needs of the power industry, and maintain the leadership as manufacturers of UV-inspection systems
  • Provide quality ensured systems with guaranteed customers’ support and satisfaction
  • Increase the awareness of electric companies to the UV inspection advantages
  • Create a stable, supportive and requiting working environment

Research and Development

  • Ofil's ongoing R&D efforts focus on upgrading products and forecast operational needs of customers
  • R&D activities enable expanding lines of products and developing new accessories
  • By pursuing R&D activities, Ofil wishes to identify and implement new applications for the UV band-pass technology
  • Customers are welcome to write to Ofil with their suggestions, ideas and requests

Ofil Ltd. - DayCor® Superb
DayCor® ROMpact
Ofil Ltd. - DayCor® Ranger
DayCor® Ranger
Ofil Ltd. - DayCor® Superb
DayCor® Superb
Ofil Ltd. - UVolle Camera
UVollé Hand and Ready
Compact Corona Cameras

Ofil Ltd. - DayCor® Rom DayCor® Rom


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