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Founded in 1964 by Dr. Warren E. Bulman, Ohio Semitronics, Inc. has been repeatedly recognized as leaders in the field of industrial electrical and energy measurement. Dr. Bulman pioneered the development of hall-effect semiconductor materials that revolutionized current measurement devices. For the last 40 years, Ohio Semitronics, Inc. has developed and manufactured the widest array of electrical and energy measurement devices available from any single supplier.

In addition to their catalog products, Ohio Semitronics, Inc. consistently designs and delivers innovative, customer specific solutions to a wide variety of clients in the field of electrical measuring and control technology. Proximity to their customers through the use of local sales representatives, backed by highly experienced factory sales engineers allows them to react quickly to the needs of their customers providing a decisive advantage for professional users of their equipment.

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. has continually developed a reputation for providing their customers with high quality products requiring minimal lead times, supported with a product warranty that is the longest in their industry.

Ohio Semitronics, Inc is confident that you will find them to be a reliable partner to meet your exact business requirements today and in the future. 

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