Olympus America Inc.
Olympus America Inc.
Olympus America Inc.
Olympus America Inc.’s industrial microscopes and metrology systems play a leading role in precision R&D, engineering and manufacturing applications in fields as diverse as the aerospace, automotive, electronics, materials science/metallurgy, medical device, photovoltaics, and semiconductor industries. Olympus America’s systems are developed to meet the ever-changing needs of research, manufacturing and quality control applications.

Olympus is a recognized leader in innovation, optical quality, customer support and training. Its design and manufacturing systems employ quality and environmental management systems that adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards, demonstrating its commitment to the highest quality products and services, with minimal environmental impact. Olympus America also have won acclaim for its system versatility, performance and the broad range of products and accessories. 

In the area of customer support and training, Olympus America has developed the Tech Tour 2009/2010. Scientists, engineers and others doing work in materials research, microscopy, 3D and confocal imaging, roughness analysis, inspection and measurement will have the chance to learn from leading experts in industrial research and technology at a Tech Tour. In addition to guest speakers, Olympus brings a series of instruments to the Tech Tour locations; attendees are encouraged to bring their own samples to run on the microscopes and metrology instruments. Images and measurement data can be downloaded to attendees’ USB flash drives as time allows, and experts will be present to help throughout the day. Tech Tour 2009/2010 is part of a multi-year commitment by Olympus to help bring thought leaders and advanced technology for industrial science to researchers, engineers and students across the United States. To learn more about how to bring a Tech Tour to a location near you, visit www.olympusamerica.com/techtour to view the video.

Olympus America’s industrial microscopes and metrology systems reflect the same extraordinary optics and precision technology that have long made Olympus famous. The company’s first product was a microscope, and it has made world-class metallurgical microscopes since 1930. Today, it is a leader in precision technology, creating innovative opto-digital technology solutions in healthcare, industry, life science, and digital imaging. A newly expanded nationwide service, training and support network further enhances its dedication to client partnership, helping customers achieve even greater productivity, accuracy and cost effectiveness. Visit Olympus America at www.olympusamerica.com/industrialmicroscopes.

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