Parker’s Quick Coupling Division is the world’s largest manufacturer of quick action couplings. Hydraulic and pneumatic couplings are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and end configurations to accommodate a broad spectrum of design requirements.

Parker offers many products to fit the demands of applications across a host of markets. There are Quick Couplings for virtually any application where hoses or implements require connection without the use of tools. Swivels allow hydraulic hoses to turn without twisting and binding. Sophisticated SensoControl® Diagnostic Equipment detects even the slightest variances when troubleshooting or proving your system. Thermoplastic Quick Couplings are compatible with many chemicals used in both agricultural and industrial applications. Parker Check Valves eliminate potential damage caused by fluid back pressure. 

The Parker Quick Coupling Division is committed to providing new products and innovative solutions to the marketplace, and to developing state-of-the-art technologies that enable them to deliver the highest quality products at a competitive price.

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