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Network Access & Connectivity Solutions for Enterprise, Carrier and Industrial Applications


Patton Electronics is a leader in the production of network access and connectivity products Patton is building on its expertise in integrated network access, transmission, IP and Frame Relay technologies and leading in the development of right-priced products to simplify human and machine access to the global network.

Multi-Service ForeFront

In the forefront of Access Platforms there are no boundaries…One Platform for TDM, Packet, Leased Lines, Multi-Services and Dial-Up…

VoIP Gateways & Routers

More than just talk with a full line of Voice over IP gateways, IADs and Triple-Play routers for Residential, SOHO, Enterprise and Carrier Networks.

IP Routers (& Bridges)

Patton's IPLink routers easily connect your IP/LAN to any T1/E1, X.21, or V.35 network interface.

Ethernet Extenders

Ethernet Extension solutions that extend Ethernet services to your users far beyond Ethernet distance limitations.

DSL Aggregators

Pizza Box style DSL DSLAMs and DSL Access Servers.


A complete line of high-speed xDSL CPE with every imaginable user interface


Patton's NTU and CSU/DSU products can be deployed in a wide range of applications on a variety of media, at data rates from 64 kbps to 2.048 mbps.

Network Appliances

Low-cost plug and play devices targeted at solving common networking issues encountered by organizations.

RAS/Dial-up Networking

Patton's dial-up RAS terminates up to 120 analog (V.92, V.110, V.90, V.34+, K56Flex) and digital (ISDN) modem calls from T1/E1 or PRI lines.

Device Servers

Patton’s EtherBITS Device Server solutions link devices with serial RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 interfaces to both wired and wireless Ethernet networks.

Cross Connects

T1/E1 Digital Cross Connect (DACS) series of products offering models with 4, 8, and 16 T1/E1 ports.

Hardened Networking

EnviroNET™ expands your boundaries. Now you can deliver voice, video, and data communication services from NEMA 4, environmentally-sealed, and thermally-controlled enclosures.


A full range of single-port and panel-mount baluns for applictions including E1, E2, E3, ATM, legacy IBM 3270, 34/36/38, and AS/400, CCTV, CATV, and the latest in Audio Video.


Interface and Media Converters for every application, LAN, WAN and Industrial Interfaces.


A line of sub-rate multiplexers, switches, and sharing devices.

Short Range Modems

Line Drivers and Modems to support a variety of data rates and transmission distances including ruggedized versions industrial environments.

Surge Protectors

Safeguard sensitive electronic equipment from harmful transient voltages with Patton's surge protectors for LAN, WAN/Telco, and video devices.

Datacom Accessories

Universal rack-mount panels, data taps, power supply adapters, bit error rate testers, and other handy widgets.

Company Background
The Patton brothers, Bobby and Burt founded Patton Electronics in 1984, while students in college. Over the succeeding 20+ years, Patton has taken those simple beginnings and expanded into a multi-national manufacturing company that today employs more than 180 people and provides a product line in excess of 1000 items.

Business Leadership Team
Today, Patton's Business Leadership Team is comprised of industry leaders with proven skills and experience, not only in establishing and penetrating leading-edge technology markets but also in effectively operating fast-growing technology businesses.

Patton's customers span the size spectrum, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The majority of these customers specialize in telecommunications, primarily carriers (CLECs, RBOCs, PTTs), Service Providers or corporations with private networks or major automated operations.

Operations and Facilities
Patton has no geographic boundaries - over half of their corporate revenue comes from international customers deploying their products overseas. Patton has its headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland with operations in Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Latin America.

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