Integrated Ultrasonic Systems

Piezo Technologies, a Meggitt PLC Company, has been pioneering piezoceramic and ultrasonic transducer technology for critical specialty applications since 1967, offering complete solutions for ultrasonic measurement.  It furthers to this day to build integrated and sub-system solutions that get more accurate and more reliable data - all while achieving maximum cost effectiveness in new product development. Our sensors and transducers are found in hundreds of products requiring high performance and precision measurements.  Find out how Piezo Technologies can get you to market faster: click on http://www.piezotechnologies.com.

Meggitt PLC Headquartered in the United Kingdom, is an international group operating in North America, Europe and Asia. Known for its specialized extreme environment engineering, Meggitt is a world leader in aerospace, energy and defense.   Meggitt employs nearly 11,000 people at around 40 manufacturing facilities and regional offices worldwide.   www.meggitt.com

Piezo Technologies is a force of innovation specializing in ultrasonic systems to enhance the value of your products for:

• more efficient processes 

• safer operations

• accurate data for better decisions

We formulate, design, develop, and manufacture piezoceramic solutions into hundreds of products requiring dependability and accuracy. With 17 ceramic formulations, we achieve superior results for your specific applications, when compared to other ceramic manufacturers. Our formulations are known for their high Curie temperatures, high pressure performance, and broad bandwidth.

By utilizing our in-house design-to-production and lean manufacturing capabilities, we are able to deliver highly-specialized, complete acoustical systems. Your system will be designed to achieve the best possible output, require less energy, and have the smallest footprint possible.Piezo Technologies

Smart Core. Our Center of Materials Excellence sets the standard for formulation of piezoceramic to the final configuration of ultrasonic transducers optimized so you can get the quality and reliability demanded by high precision devices.

Smart Platform. Working with our engineers at the Product Development Center you can leverage our comprehensive mastery of sensor technology with platforms customized to rapidly integrate and meet your product needs for exacting measurement and detection.

Smart Choice. We help protect your new product investment by manufacturing our components and platforms through an ISO 9001 certified, lean enterprise business model that delivers the highest quality products in the quantities that you need them.

We continue to achieve to new standards of measurement and levels of performance keeping our clients ready to build new products that uses data of the environmental conditions for better decisions, safer operations, and more efficient processes.

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