Quickparts, MyQuote-3DQuickparts enables custom part buyers to get INSTANT, CUSTOM-GENERATED quotation for the production of their parts. The user simply uploads his/her own 3D CAD model, and the QuickQuote® analysis engine evaluates the part geometry, the required materials, lead time, and quantity in order to generate a binding quote.
Quickparts' extensive Learning Center portion of the website has many useful design tools including the Shore Hardness Scale and Prototyping Tolerance Calculator. They also offer information and material samples to aid in choosing the correct process and material for your unique application. Their Sample Kit offers 15 different material pieces from several processes to assist you in finding the right process and the right material to produce the right part.

About saving TIME...
The Quickparts store is always open, 24x7. That means you get custom quotes on your time schedule, any time of day or night. With the recent release of MyQuote3D, an instant quoting STL viewer, Quickparts can be located right on your desktop. In product development, time saved is dollars earned. Not ready to buy? Use Quickparts to get the quotes you need to plan your budget.
About saving MONEY...
The Quickparts brand means low pricing. How? By automating the quoting process with a web-based system, they have eliminated the overhead of the manpower needed to manually quote and sell custom-made parts. You will find that the quotes on Quickparts will be the most competitive in the industry. Maybe even the industry standard.
About ensuring QUALITY...
Quickparts understands that when custom-designed parts are being manufactured, it is not enough to send you an e-mail message stating that your project is being processed. Your Quickparts project manager, who is in regular telephone contact with you, manages the progress of your project from beginning to end and makes certain that your parts arrive in your hands just as you expect, perfect.
About YOU...
Quickparts is here to help you...
...plan your budget with always-on instant quotes.
...save time and money with instant online quotes and one-click purchasing.

Services offered by Quickparts:


  • Stereolithography ( SLA)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • PolyJet


  • Cast Urethanes/RTV Molding
  • CNC Machined Parts
  • Sheet Metal Prototypes


  • QuickTurn Injection Mold Tooling and Parts
  • QuickTool Express (Rapid Injection Molding)
  • QuickTool Pro (Production Injection Molding)

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