Incorporated in 1996, RPMC Lasers, Inc. is an OEM distributor of lasers and laser diodes, including some accessories like heatsinks and diode drivers. We do not offer finished systems. We try hard not to represent firms with competing products. We also differ from most distributor firms because we are not keen to represent many firms. Rather, our goal is to represent a few firms, and do it very effectively. And we sell at the manufacturer`s standard prices.

RPMC Lasers Inc is not your typical distributor.  In fact, we are quite different from most distributors in several ways:

  • We only offer diode lasers, diode and lamp pumped lasers, and fiber lasers.  No systems.
  • We sell at the manufacturers standard prices.  We do not mark up.  We insist upon this by contract.
  • We try hard not to represent firms with competing products, although with permission and because of  some growth over the years we do have some overlaps.
  • Our technical sales staff are career laser professionals.  We know the products we offer.  We generally  give answers to inquiries the same day we receive them!

Our goal is to provide:

  • The best laser solutions,
  • Excellent technical support in a timely fashion,
  • At a reasonable price.

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