Red-Ray Manufacturing Co., Inc.Red-Ray Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a global technology leader in the field of gas-fired infrared radiant process burners. Red-Ray burners are used worldwide in engineering applications for heating, drying and curing in many industries such as finishing, powder coating, food, line painting, carpet, flooring, paper and textiles. Infrared remains the company's core business as it continues its long-standing tradition of providing durable, high quality, energy-efficient, inovative infrared process heating solutions.

As every process heating application has its own unique demand, Red-Ray continues to diversify its product line through development and acquisition to provide the world's best selection of infrared burners. Their engineers will custom design a cost effective process heating solution that minimizes fuel consumption, optimizes productivity and is quick and easy to maintain.

Red-Ray Redi-Pak

Red-Ray's R&D efforts yielded the Series 2000 ignition and monitoring system in 1999, the Apollo-Ray® burner line in 2002, the MR-12 burner in 2003 and the Redi-Pak® control unit in 2008. Red-Ray’s newest product, the corrosion resistant Nickel Plated MR-12Ni, was launched in 2010.

Red-Ray expanded through acquisition of the Eclipse Infra-Red burner product line in December 2001, at the same time entering into a marketing and distribution agreement with Eclipse, Inc. The Eclipse Infrared Burner product line is now produced and supported entirely by Red-Ray. Eclipse is globally recognized as a single source for design, installation, and service for total combustion needs. (www.eclipsenet.com). The combined resources of Red-Ray and Eclipse provide the most complete line of infrared burners backed by a wealth of expertise in applications. This, coupled with an extensive global sales and service organization, is designed to optimize the development of infrared process heating in industry.

Red-Ray Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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