RESON HydroBat SystemRESON's Underwater Acoustic Solutions
RESON is the world leader in the manufacture of underwater acoustic systems, with global presence and service facilities around the world. They supply cost-effective, high-quality underwater solutions needed for any unrivaled marine performance.

RESON meets the most stringent requirements of today’s advanced offshore surveying activities and marine exploration. Furthermore they provide compelling value to their costumers by offering underwater acoustic solutions that span the entire spectrum of high-performance sonar systems, data collection, and presentation software.

RESON specializes in the design, and development of advanced multi-beam sonar systems, single-beam echosounders, transducers, and hydrophones.

RESON sets new standards
Ever since 1976, RESON’s unique series of SeaBat multibeam sonar systems, NaviSound Single-beam echosounders, PDS2000 survey software and related hydrographic equipment have made RESON a highly desirable and respected partner for customers in the dredging, hydrographic, marine research, naval, and offshore oil and gas sectors.

RESON’s highly skilled engineers and hydrographic survey experts make sure that they are at the forefront when it comes to reliable, and easy-to use underwater systems - ready to cope with any water depth, and the most challenging sea environment.

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