Rolyn Optics Company Rolyn Optics offers immediate delivery of a wide variety of optical materials of top commercial quality. Rolyn Optics Company pioneered the distribution of quality optics to industry. Their experience in the business goes back to 1925 when Rolyn Optics first began marketing optics to the photographic industry. The advent of World War II interrupted the supply of merchandise and was the root cause for Rolyn Optics entry into the instrument design and manufacturing business. This was the beginning of the Rolyn Optics Company as it is known today.
Rolyn Optics Company
Experience in designing and building B-25 bombsights, flight level indicators, gunsights, skid indicators, radar control indicators and such devices has been of tremendous value. Experience provides the company with valuable technical insight into the problems of design, enhances their ability to communicate at the technical level and reduces the time required to place an order. Frequently it enables Rolyn Optics to offer suggestions, alternatives and help that simply would not be available from a less experienced supplier.

Rolyn Optics CompanyRolyn Optics' staff has experience in the design, fabrication and test of a diverse range of hardware such as studio motion picture cameras, spectrophotometers, tracking cameras, radiometers, star trackers, satellites and test equipment as well as expertise in the design, fabrication and use of the broad range of optical components. It is appropriate to note that throughout the years, the company's existence as a quality supplier has been made possible by the fact that you, the customer, recognizes the value of this quality. Rolyn Optics Company wants to thank you for your business and welcome the opportunity to continue to serve you on the same basis.

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