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Sitron: Solutions for Flow, Level and Pressure

Sitron is an industrial technology company focused on special process measurement instrumentation. This includes the design, manufacture and worldwide sales of instruments for measuring, controlling and regulating flow, level, pressure and temperature.


The CF Series of Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches & Transmitters are compact devices that can monitor and control the flow of liquid, air, and gas in pipes and ducts. They can also be used for single point level detection for liquids.


Our Conductive Level Switches are designed to control the level of all conductive mediums with up to 6 different points of level detection. The Capacitive Level Sensors are used for measuring process level at a specific point, multiple points, or continuously over the entire vessel height. The Vibrating Tuning Forks are point level switches designed to detect liquids, fine powders as well as corrosive mediums or pastes (depending on viscosity).


Sitron offers either external bottom mounted Pressure Transmitters or submersible top mounted Hydrostatic Continuous Level Probes.