SP Industries, Inc.
SP Industries, Inc.
SP Industries, Inc.

SP Industries has prided itself on solving your individual waste needs for over 28 years. They specialize in designing and manufacturing high density compactors, cart dumpers, recycling equipment, and many other custom machines for the waste material handling industry. Rugged, high value and superb quality are the trademark of every unit they build.

SP Industries' primary products are high density compaction units and hydraulic dumpers. The compaction units range in size from the small 1/3 cubic yard cargo capacity apartment style to the enormous 15 cubic yard transfer station type. SP Industries also manufactures precrusher compactors, the ultimate in volume reduction equipment. Wood shipping crates, cable spools, pallets, steel barrels, and scrap metal can be reduced for maximum payloads and minimizing transportation costs.

The wide variety of dumpers range in capacity from 500 to 15,000 lbs. with lift or dump heights up to 35 feet. Heavy duty designed for production operations with multiple dumps per hour. With cart attachments designed for your cart or container allowing existing carts to remain in service and no additional cart expense.

SP Industries also has the ability to adapt existing models or create specialty equipment to meet your specific needs. Systems like the patented NP-165 Newsprint Loader, can load an over-the-road van trailer with up to 40,000 lbs. of scrap newsprint with no extra handling or labor. Full system design and integration allows for a hands free operation. This assures a safe and easy method for disposing of hazardous, medical, contaminated waste, recycling newsprint, corrugated, plastics, or even food waste. Let their experts in waste material handling help you find new efficient ways to handle your waste or bi-products.

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