Whatever you want to detect, SST will find it for you.

At SST Sensing Ltd, their experienced and professional employees design and manufacture a range of liquid level, gas, speed and position and Pressure & Temperature sensor solutions. SST Sensing Ltd have been providing robust and reliable Sensing and Control products to industry for nearly 10 years. Their primary goal is to deliver the required sensing and control solution to their customers which exactly meet their technical and commercial requirements. This can be achieved through SST's standard range of products or providing customer specific solutions.

The company's technical department comprises of highly experienced and qualified engineers who work extensively with their customers to ensure their requirements are met. They encourage their engineers to visit customers to provide product and applications support.

SST's products and services are as follows -

Product Ranges - SST offers a standard range of Liquid Level, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Speed and Position, Pressure and Temperature Sensors. SST recently added to their Carbon Dioxide sensor range by launching the CO2 Air Quality Monitors which monitor the level of CO2 in new, air tight office and school buildings. Each product category offers an extensive range of sensors with a variety of housings, electronic configurations, signal conditioning, and termination.

Design/Customization Service - Where a specific solution is required, SST will identify the suitable technology and use this as a building block to provide a bespoke customer solution.

SST Sensing Ltd now has over 20 employees and their success is growing day by day. The core of this success is due to their strong commitment to their customers. Therefore, SST wants to ensure that their customers feel valued at all times.

Speed and
Position Sensors
Liquid Level
CO2 Air Quality Monitors Pressure

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