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Saint-Gobain Plastic Films and Tapes


Films, Tapes and Photovoltaic Solutions

Saint-Gobain Plastics' Films, Tapes and Photovoltaic provides polymeric products for the Aerospace, Electrical and Electronics, Energy, Industrial, and Life Sciences markets.  Their Photovoltaic group penetrates the Energy market with its portfolio of solutions for photovoltaic modules.


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers the broadest line of specialty high-performance polymeric films to allow customers to select the right film for their application requirements.  NORTON® films are produced from an extremely wide variety of processes including molding, casting, extruding and expanding and subjecting them further to skiving, coating, orienting, calendering and surface treatments to provide their customer base with the right product, to meet the right specification for the right application.


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is uniquely able to produce outstanding and sometimes proprietary products.  Their combined expertise in fabrics, films, silicones and coatings gives you confidence in their team approach to providing solutions to critical applications.  CHR® tapes are produced from a variety of high performance and/or high temperature materials.


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics provides the most comprehensive range of polymeric materials and engineered solutions for your module manufacturing needs.  They continue to develop new LightSwitch™ photovoltaic products with outstanding performance and improved production efficiency to help you achieve grid parity. 

Through their network of manufacturing and sales facilities across the globe, Saint-Gobain Plastic Films and Tapes brings years of experience to the development of the best in polymer solutions for customers worldwide.